Do I need to wear sunglasses year round or only in the summer?

Don’t take damage from UV rays lightly

Where will you be this winter, jogging on the beach or shovelling your driveway?  No matter where you play and work, ultraviolet (UV) protection is important during every season. Even when the sun doesn’t feel hot and summer seems a long way off, harmful UV rays put your vision at risk. The damaging effects of UV rays may not develop for many years.  In fact, UV damage is cumulative and has been linked to cataracts and macular degeneration later in life.  With macular degeneration the leading cause of blindness in North America, this long-term UV exposure concerns optometrists the most.

Make the sun your friend, not foe

Protecting your eyes and looking fantastic has never been easier!  With today’s innovative technology, be assured of quality materials, top optics and scratch/impact-resistant lens options. Choose lightweight and durable frames, sealed with peace-of-mind UV protection.  Be confident that you’re getting straight professional advice while finding that perfect sunwear style. Winter, spring, summer or fall, love the freedom of photochromatics for all – lenses that quickly change from clear to dark.  The more UV light, the darker the lenses become as they block 100% of harmful rays and also reduce painful glare.

Protection for pint-sized peepers

Since kids likely spend more time outdoors than you, UV protection is ultra important.  Whether they’re building sand castles or snow forts, always protect their sight with quality sunglasses offering 100% UV protection. Trust your Doctor’s recommendation.  Stop in today and experience our all-season selection of sunwear.

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