How often should I get an eye exam?

Many patients are unsure of how often they should get an eye exam, especially if they have no symptoms of blurry vision or eye problems.  At OPTIVIEW Eye Clinic we recommend annual eye exams for all patients to minimize risk of potential eye problems.  High risk patients – such as those with diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration – may require more frequent examination.  Several studies have been carried out on minimal frequency of eye exams for patients with no symptoms and have published guidelines.  Researchers at the University of Waterloo conducted a study which set minimal guidelines for asymptomatic individuals: first eye exam between age 6-9 months, another eye exam between age 2-5 years, annual eye exams between age 6-19 years, eye exams every 2-3 years for ages 20-39, every 2 years for ages 40-64, and annually for ages 65+.   The American Optometric Association has similar but slightly different guidelines for minimal frequency of  eye exams in asymptomatic patients: at six months of age then at three years of age, before 1st grade then every two years thereafter while in school, every two years for adults aged 18-60, and annually for adults over age 61.  More frequent eye exams are recommended for individuals at risk for eye problems.  If you are unsure whether you need an eye exam, feel free to contact us at 604-593-5534 or schedule an appointment online.