Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

Overnight Contact Lenses For Vision Correction

Ortho-K overnight wear contact lenses temporarily reshape your cornea while you sleep to allow for clear distance vision throughout the day.  Ortho-K lenses use a reverse geometry design and hydrostatic pressure to temporarily reshape the cornea overnight which results in clear vision without glasses or contact lenses during the day.  

Ortho-K lens are a great option for myopic children as they also reduce progression of myopia by approximately 40-60% vs regular glasses.  Furthermore, they allow children to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses during the day which is particularly helpful for active kids who play sports.


After washing your hands insert the contact lenses just before bedtime. In the morning, wash your hands and remove the lenses.

We recommend storing your Ortho-K lenses daily in Boston Simplus Multi-purpose solution.

The right lens is coloured violet and the left lens is coloured blue.

We also recommend a thorough cleaning of the lenses once a week in Clear Care Peroxide Solution. Please note that you must follow the instructions for Peroxide solution carefully which include using the correct case and leaving them stored for at least 8 hours otherwise severe eye irritation may occur.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my vision to improve?

After the first night of wear approximately 50% of your prescription will be corrected, this will improve to 100% after approximately two weeks.

What if there is pain with the contact lenses?

For the first few weeks, some mild discomfort is normal as your eyes adapt to the lenses. If the pain is getting worse or severe, remove the lenses and contact our office the next day.

What happens if I miss a night?

We recommend using the ortho-k lenses every night to ensure consistent treatment. However, if a night is missed just continue with the lenses on the subsequent night.

Does Ortho-K permanently reduce myopia?

While Ortho-K does not permanently treat myopia it does temporarily treat it as long we Ortho-K lenses are being used overnight.

Does Ortho-K reduce progression of myopia?

Yes, our Ortho-K designs reduce progression of myopia between approximately 40-60% versus traditional glasses or no correction.

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