Contact Lens Enhancer Kit

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Maintaining a healthy ocular surface is key to sustaining comfortable contact lens wear throughout the day.  Our Contact Lens Enhancer Kit includes Doctor recommended products designed to help you increase comfortable wear time, decrease dryness, itching and irritation associated with contact lens use, and improve your ability to perform visually demanding tasks like heavy duty computer or phone use.

Our Contact Lens Booster Kit includes includes: Thealoz Duo Preservative Free Artificial Tears, Blephaclean Wipes, and a Bruder Mask.

Recommended Use:

Thealoz Duo eye drops: 3-4 times per day in both eyes (safe to use with contact lenses on or off)

Blephaclean wipes: 1-2 wipes daily for cleansing of the eyelids/eyelashes

Bruder Mask: 15 minutes of warm compresses and 2 mins lid massage twice a day to improve meibomian gland function and allow the release of your bodies naturally produced oils onto the ocular surface.