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HYLO eye drops are preservative free artificial tears available in a 10 mL bottle that contains 200 drops.  The bottle can be used safely for 6 months after opening.  HYLO is widely recommended by eye doctors as a high quality preservative free eye drop.  The bottle design for HYLO allows for easy and accurate instillation with minimal spillage/wasting of drops due to missing the target.

What Does HYLO Contain?

HYLO is formulated using hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring hydrating factor that attracts water molecules to maintain adequate hydration. As an eye drop ingredient it help to lock on moisture on to the eye surface which translates to a less frequent requirement for eye drop instillation versus traditional products.

  • 1 mg/mL sodium hyaluronate
  • Citrate buffer
  • Sorbitol
  • Water

What is HYLO Used For?

HYLO eye drops are recommended for daily use to help reduce irritation, burning, and foreign body sensation caused by dry eye.  It is safe to use for all ages and is non-prescription.

  • General dry eye sensation
  • Contact lens safe (contact lens rewetting)
  • For dry eyes after cataract or LASIK surgery
  • Safe for all ages
  • Safe while pregnant and/or nursing 
  • Comfortable to apply with minimum to no stinging on instillation

How Often Should It Be Taken?

Its best to see your eye doctor for optimum dosing instructions that are correct for you.  Most patients take one drop of HYLO 1-4 times per day in each eye.  For more advanced dry eye relief we suggest HYLO Gel as an alternative choice.

For more information please visit the Candorvision website

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