Myopia Control Clinic

Myopia Control Clinic

Learn more about how myopia (nearsightedness) progression can be stabilized in children and teenagers.

Why Does My Child's Eyeglass Prescription Keep Increasing?

Myopia or nearsightedness progression is common in children and teenagers due to both genetic and environmental factors including: time spent viewing a near (including reading books and using electronic devices). If there is a family history of high myopia then risk for progression is higher.

20/20/20 Rule

Basic myopia progression reduction exercises involve reducing the near stimulus time experienced during the day. This includes taking a break from near work every 20 minutes and taking a 20 second break during which we look at least 20 feet away.

Low Dose Atropine Treatment

Low dose atropine (0.01 to .05%) has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment which can reduce progression of myopia by an average of 65% in kids. At Optiview Eye Clinic we have successfully used once daily low dose atropine in many of our patients.

Myopia Control Eyeglass Lenses

Specialized eyeglass lenses can be used to reduce near accommodative demand which reduces near fatigue while maintaining full vision correction in the distance.