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I-DROP PUR eye drops are high quality, preservative free artificial tears that are great for everyday relief from mild to moderate dry eye symptoms including mild allergies and computer vision syndrome. Its non-prescription and safe to use for all ages.  They are well tolerated with their mild formulation and safe for frequent use to combat dry eye symptoms including irritation, foreign body sensation, itching, and more.

What Are The Benefits Of I-DROP PUR?

  • Immediate relief with minimal burning or pain on instillation
  • Well tolerated formula for frequent every day use
  • No blurring on application
  • Contact lens safe so it can be used as a rewetting drop to increase contact lens comfort and wear time
  • Long lasting relief so less applications are required versus traditional eye drops
  • Multidose bottle design with a one way valve to prevent contaminants from entering the bottle

Usage Instructions

I-DROP PUR comes in an easy to use multidose bottle. When using the eye drops follow the instructions below:

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water and then dry them for easier grip of the bottle
  • Remove the cap by twisting and place it on a clean surface on in the palm of your hand.
  • Aim the blue pointer at the centre of your eye and gently squeeze the bottle until a single drop is dispensed.
  • Tip: for those who tend to close the eye when the eye drop comes close to landing we suggest pulling the lower eyelid down and then dropping into the lower eyelid instead of the eye surface directly.
  • Recap the bottle for storage purposes.

I-DROP PUR Ingredients

  • Preservative free 
  • Hyaluronate 0.18% which locks moisture on to the ocular surface for long lasting hydration
  • Glycerol to maintain the osmotic balance of the tear film
  • Comes in a 10 mL bottle with a sterile blue tip for easy pointing and less wasteage
  • Can be used for 12 months after opening

For those with more severe dry eye symptoms we recommend I-DROP PUR GEL.  Please remember to see your Doctor for dry eye recommendations specific to your particular condition.

To find out more about I-DROP PUR visit I-MED Pharmaceuticals.

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